Marketing is both an art and a science. At Peapod Design, we approach all projects with equal parts creativity and intentionality. Our exclusive focus is educational institutions. We provide our clients with communications and marketing solutions that are strategically original, effectively creative, and thoroughly memorable. This is marketing by design, the passion and purpose of Peapod Design.


Peapod Design is your 5th P in marketing. We are unique because we have the creative to back up our findings ­ not just a report. From quantitative and qualitative measurements, surveys, focus groups, market segmentation and demographic studies as well as competitive analysis and educational landscapes, Peapod Design delivers.


We work with colleges, universities, and independent schools to define—or refine—their brands and then showcase them with creativity, precision, and consistency. We have expertise in both print and digital design and communications—meaning we can envision and implement solutions that ensure a client’s unique brand identity is presented uniformly and seamlessly across platforms and media.


Digital age or not, there is no substitute for quality print pieces—for tangible, durable, material manifestations of identity and messaging. Visually dynamic and often unexpectedly interactive, Peapod Design’s fresh, award-winning approaches to collateral prove that print is alive and well in the 21st century. We give your key constituencies more than something to look at. We give them something to experience and to savor.


Most firms have it backwards when it comes to website design and content management: They provide a template upon which visual images and branding are superimposed. We don’t do paint-by-number, cookie-cutter websites that are, at best, adequate. We start from scratch with you and your brand. Your identity is unique and deserves an exciting, branded website that is exclusively, emphatically, organically yours. And thanks to P.O.D.S., our own web content management system, we can do this better than anybody.


Whoever said that a picture is worth a thousand words knew the power of visual storytelling. We know it too. That’s why we’re so exacting when it comes to photography—and why we offer clients our own photography services. Our staff photographer is also our Director of Client Relations, someone who is intimately involved in the macro and micro development and expression of your brand. With Peapod Design you get a knowledgeable, passionate photographer who can capture the images that put your message in perfect focus.


Look to Peapod Design for a comprehensive approach.

We offer a wide range of professional services to meet the needs of our partner schools, including:

Newspapers, magazines, billboards, tradeshows

Brand Development
Logos, corporate identity, brand positioning

Communications Audits
Full review and analysis

Direct Mail
Student recruitment, annual fund

E-newsletters, email campaigns, web-based applications

Marketing Research
Focus groups, surveys, strategic marketing plans

Print Publications
Admissions materials, view books, campaign brochures, alumni magazines, annual reports

Design, content development, content management through our exclusive P.O.D.S. system, social media


Do schools have souls? We think so. A soul can be defined as the deepest and truest nature of a people or entity, or what gives somebody or something a distinctive character. If you know what that is for your institution, we can help you express it and infuse it into a variety of media. If you aren't sure, we can help you discover and define it. We use interviews, surveys, market analysis, and more to help schools refine their brand identity and messaging. Your brand is intangible but knowable, and it can be the greatest tool and resource you have to achieve your marketing and communications goals.


We’ve developed fruitful partnerships with over 300 schools of all sizes and specializations. Please call Jim for a client list 203-561-5072.


Peapod Design was founded in 1997 by Jim and Karen Healey, two Rhode Island School of Design graduates who envisioned putting one-of-a-kind imaginative solutions in the service of colleges, universities, and independent schools.

Over the years, we’ve earned a reputation for fresh ideas, award-winning design, and compelling storytelling. As a full-service firm, we also have the know-how and experience to provide big-picture strategic thinking and a variety of specialized services to schools.

Jim is the Director of Client Relations—often the first contact you’ll have with Peapod Design—who takes the lead in conducting focus groups and other research as we get to know your school. Karen, the Creative Director, guides your project from concept to implementation. They lead Peapod Design’s New Canaan, Conn.-based team of creative and technical specialists.


Our Home: Where Communication Meets Education

This is our home—158 Main Street, New Canaan, Connecticut. Built in 1913, this quintessential New England commercial building was designed to house the local telephone company. In 1956, the building was converted into classrooms for New Canaan’s South secondary School. Today it’s the home of Peapod Design, a firm exclusively devoted to communications and education. Historically and spiritually, we’re right where we belong!

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